Mastodon is not an alternative to Twitter

The current events on Twitter are more exciting than some TV series. (I was about to quit Netflix.) Even though some journalists already see Twitter’s end, I think it’s open how this story ends. But I have to admit that it doesn’t look good for Twitter at the moment. Yesterday, hundreds of employees left Twitter again after Elon Musk exerted enormous pressure by e-mail.

For some users, this raises the question of an alternative. And in this regard, Mastodon is often mentioned. I don’t think this decentralized service is the future. It is simply too complicated for many users. The problems are already occurring at the moment when you try to register for Mastodon. I tried it on four instances. The result is sobering. With three servers, I received the indication that registration is currently not possible. On the fourth server I received the information that operations will be discontinued at the end of the year. Considering over 20,000 users on this server, I found this strange.

Apparently, many servers cannot cope with the high number of new registrations. According to Wikipedia, Mastodon has “only” 6.63 million users. This is contrasted by 238 million Twitter users. This raises the question: If it is already difficult to create a new Mastodon account, what if a really large number of users want to switch from Twitter to Mastodon?

But let’s wait and see. A lot can happen in the coming weeks and months. By the way, if you want to follow the chaos on Twitter, I recommend this website.